src/types.h: add some documentation, use HAVE_AUBIO_DOUBLE, not AUBIO_SINGLE_PRECISION
[aubio.git] /
2009-09-25 Paul Brossierext/midi: remove all midi stuff borrowed from fluidsynt...
2009-09-23 Paul Brossierreplace FOO_SUPPORT with HAVE_FOO, use float for jack_p...
2009-08-30 Paul add check for CXX
2008-05-15 Paul simplify flags for darwin and co (looks...
2008-04-30 Paul, go down into java and tests...
2008-04-28 Paul switch on host rather than host_os, do...
2008-04-26 Paul do not call AC_HEADER_STDC, obsolete...
2008-02-06 Paul Brossierjava/: added first draft for a java interface to aubio...
2007-12-04 Paul Brossieradded simple tests in tests/cpp for cpp interface draft
2007-12-04 Paul Brossieradded simple cpp interface draft
2007-12-03 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-12-01 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-12-01 Paul host conditional depend on host_os, not...
2007-11-30 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-11-30 Paul add AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL to allow cross...
2007-11-24 Paul BrossierMerge ... aubio-mfcc branch, adding filterbank and...
2007-11-21 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-11-13 Paul add lcov flags option, beautify help...
2007-11-02 Paul Brossiermerge main branch
2007-10-30 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-10-30 Paul Brossiermove python/tests to tests/python, examples/tests to...
2007-10-25 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-10-23 Paul add AM_PROG_CC_O
2006-10-08 Paul Brossierfix AUBIO_CFLAGS with --enable-debug
2006-10-05 Paul Brossieradd -no-undefined on cygwin and mingw, define CPPFLAGS...
2006-09-30 Paul Brossierdisable -Werror by default, rename gcc warning options...
2006-09-29 Paul Brossieruse replacement if complex.h not found
2006-09-29 Paul Brossieruse os conditionals, update python swig and puredata...
2006-09-29 Paul Brossieruse AUBIO_CFLAGS, not CFLAGS
2006-09-29 Paul Brossieruse AUBIO_CFLAGS, not CFLAGS
2006-07-26 Paul Brossierbump version number, use VERSION to store it
2006-07-26 Paul Brossiermerge in
2006-06-29 Paul Brossiermoving to lash, adding note about puredata
2006-06-29 Paul Brossieradd kludge to check if $CC supports -Wextra
2006-06-03 Paul Brossiermake more readable
2006-06-03 Paul Brossieruse -Wextra but unused parameters, fix macos CFLAGS
2006-05-18 Paul Brossieruseless ladcca gets quiet
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierno bench for now
2006-03-21 Paul Brossierbump current library version
2006-02-17 Paul Brossieradd Makefile for bench-pitch
2006-02-17 Paul Brossieradd Makefile for bench-onset
2005-12-13 Paul BrossierFixed typo
2005-08-21 Paul Brossieradded FFTWLIB_CFLAGS to examples/, added...
2005-08-09 Paul Brossiersoname change, add -version-info, fix midi/ install
2005-08-09 Paul Brossieradd c99 varargs checks, thanks to Mo DeJong
2005-05-30 Paul Brossierfix compilation of swig/python on macosx
2005-05-28 Paul Brossierdisable alsa if no jack found
2005-04-30 Paul Brossieradd flags to fix compilation on os x
2005-04-11 Paul Brossierupdated to detect jack, alsa and fftw3f...
2005-04-01 Paul Brossierfix detection of fftw3f
2005-03-31 Paul Brossieradded configure rules to check presence of swig, python,
2004-12-06 Paul Brossiermoved midi functions to ext/
2004-12-03 Paul Brossier(no commit message)
2004-11-30 Paul Brossieradded -lmx on macosx
2004-10-28 Paul Brossierimport