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2015-08-18 Paul Brossierdoc/aubiomfcc.txt: add a note about the output
2015-07-04 Paul Brossierdoc/python_api.rst: remove for now
2015-07-04 Paul Brossierdoc/: added Makefile and from sphinx
2015-07-04 Paul Brossierdoc/*.rst: add simple documentation basis
2015-04-20 Paul Brossierdoc/*.cfg: remove html timestamps to make build reprodu...
2015-01-29 Paul Brossierdoc/aubiocut.txt: improve documentation, adding -o...
2014-03-25 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitchyin.{c,h}: fix typo, developed
2014-03-12 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.2~alpha
2014-03-12 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.1 0.4.1
2014-03-11 Paul Brossierdoc/web.cfg: exclude source_wavread and sink_wavwrite
2013-12-18 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-18 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.0 0.4.0
2013-12-10 Paul Brossierdoc/web.cfg: fix typo to really exclude mathutils
2013-12-10 Paul Brossiersrc/io/sndfileio.{c,h}: remove old sndfile interface
2013-12-09 Paul Brossierdoc/*.cfg: bump version numbers to 0.4.1~alpha here too
2013-12-09 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into develop
2013-12-09 Paul Brossierdoc/*.cfg: bump version numbers here too
2013-12-08 Paul Brossierdoc/: document -f --force-overwrite option
2013-12-08 Paul Brossierdoc/: rewrite manpages, use txt2man, add aubioquiet...
2013-12-07 Paul Brossierdoc/*.cfg: update to doxygen 1.8.5
2013-12-06 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'avcodec' into develop
2013-12-06 Paul Brossierdoc/web.cfg: add source_avcodec and audio_unit to blacklist
2013-10-27 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'develop' of
2013-10-17 Paul Brossierdoc/web.cfg: remove pitchspecacf
2013-03-23 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'synth' into develop
2013-03-22 Paul Brossiermerge from develop
2013-03-22 Paul Brossierweb.cfg: exclude hist.h
2013-03-18 Paul Brossierdoc/{full,web}.cfg: update project ids
2013-03-18 Paul Brossierdoc/{full,web}.cfg: remove custom LAYOUT_FILE
2013-03-18 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'pitchyinfft' into develop
2013-03-18 Paul Brossierdoc/{web,full}.cfg: update to doxygen template...
2013-03-08 Paul Brossierdoc/header.html: removed obsolete custom header
2013-03-07 Paul Brossierdoc/: update doxygen configurations
2013-03-03 Paul BrossierMerge into develop
2013-03-02 Paul Brossierdoc/web.cfg: add examples
2013-03-02 Paul Brossierdoc/full.cfg: rename output dir
2013-03-02 Paul Brossierdoc/web.cfg: only headers
2013-03-02 Paul Brossierdoc/: upgrade to latest doxygen
2013-03-02 Paul Brossierdoc/: renamed doxy config files to {web,full}.cfg
2013-02-11 Paul Brossiermerge from develop
2013-02-09 Paul Brossierremove autotools
2009-11-06 Paul Brossierdoc/user.cfg: sync with aubio.h
2009-10-29 Paul Brossierdoc/*.sgml: bump to GPLv3, update email
2009-10-25 Paul Brossierdoc/*.cfg: use header, remove css, add whitelist
2009-10-25 Paul Brossierdoc/aubio.css: strip down, use header to add own style
2009-09-26 Paul Brossierdoc/ update list of source and generated...
2009-09-26 Paul Brossierdoc/aubiomfcc.sgml: add brief manpage for aubiomfcc
2009-09-26 Paul Brossierdoc/aubiotrack.sgml: remove irrelevant threshold option
2009-09-25 Paul Brossierdoc/*.cfg: update with doxygen -u (debian package 1...
2008-04-30 Paul Brossierdoc/{user,devel}.cfg: update config to new doxygen...
2007-11-29 Paul Brossiermerge with main branch
2007-11-24 Paul Brossierdoc/ update make style rules
2006-10-07 Paul Brossierremove intro in manual pages
2006-10-07 Paul Brossierupdate the manual pages
2006-09-29 Paul Brossierget doxygen PROJECT_NUMBER from VERSION file
2006-07-27 Paul Brossierfloor, not FLOOR in examples, only inst_headers for...
2006-07-12 Paul Brossierupdate doxygen devel config to include README and examples
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierupdate doxygen configs, include README from aubio.h
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierupdate python manpages
2005-12-13 Paul BrossierAdd rules to build html manpages
2005-09-27 Paul Brossieradded and updated manpages
2005-08-21 Paul Brossierupdated manpages
2005-08-21 Paul Brossierupdated version in doxygen config files
2005-08-09 Paul Brossieradd ext to documentation
2005-08-09 Paul Brossieradded srcdir in doc
2005-08-09 Paul Brossieradded srcdir
2005-03-31 Paul Brossieradded configure rules to check presence of swig, python,
2004-12-12 Paul Brossierbumping to 0.1.8
2004-12-01 Paul Brossieraubio.css
2004-12-01 Paul Brossier(no commit message)
2004-12-01 Paul Brossierupdated manpages
2004-12-01 Paul Brossierupdated clean rules
2004-12-01 Paul Brossiercleaner clean
2004-12-01 Paul Brossierupdated docs
2004-12-01 Paul Brossiercleaned up verbose output
2004-10-28 Paul Brossierimport