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2018-01-28 Jon Williamsfixed spelling error
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2017-10-03 Paul Brossierdoc/statuslinks.rst: change last version to 0.4.6
2017-07-27 Paul Brossierdoc/aubiomfcc.txt: typo coefficents -> coefficients
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2017-03-25 Paul Brossierdoc/android.rst: shorten title
2017-03-24 Paul Brossierdoc/installing.rst: fix include
2017-03-24 Paul Brossierdoc/: add cheat sheet, clean up
2017-03-24 Paul Brossierdoc/develop.rst: fix punctuation
2017-03-24 Paul Brossierdoc/cli.rst: revamp
2017-03-24 Paul BrossierREADME.md: simplify, move detailed instructions to...
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2017-03-24 Paul BrossierREADME.md: move api description to doc/develop.rst
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2017-03-24 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'gitshaversion'
2017-03-23 Paul Brossierdoc/conf.py: use this_version here too
2017-03-23 Paul Brossierpython/lib/aubio/cmd.py: improve tempo subcommand descr...
2017-03-23 Paul Brossierdoc/aubio.txt: add simple manpage for aubio command...
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2017-02-27 Paul Brossierdoc/download.rst: use https
2017-01-12 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'miditap', thanks to Tres Seaver for his...
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierdoc/aubio{track,onset}.txt: update --miditap-note to -N
2017-01-12 Tres Seaveraubiotrack also sends MIDI tap.
2017-01-12 Tres Seaveraubioonset: user-set MIDI tap note / velocity values.
2017-01-09 Paul Brossierdoc/statuslinks.rst: bump last release to 0.4.4
2017-01-09 Paul Brossierdoc/index.rst: include status links for development...
2017-01-09 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.5~alpha
2017-01-08 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.4 0.4.4
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierdoc/index.rst: remove status links for release
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierscripts/build_android: add an example script to build...