Merge branch 'feature/debugmode'
[aubio.git] / examples / utils.c
2019-06-29 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'feature/debugmode' master
2019-06-29 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into feature/quietmode
2019-05-11 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'aybe-patch-2' of feature/vcpkg_docs
2019-01-31 Paul Brossier[examples] add quiet mode for performance measurements
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[examples] only delete sink if needed
2018-10-30 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into feature/docstrings
2018-10-30 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into feature/cdocstrings
2018-10-30 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into feature/earlynoteoff
2018-10-30 Paul Brossier[tools] add release_drop option to aubionotes
2018-10-05 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/msvcwarnings'
2018-10-05 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/msvcwarnings' into feature/azureci
2018-10-05 Paul Brossierexamples/: avoid hiding global
2018-09-17 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/jack-midi-buffer'
2018-09-17 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: define MAX_MIDI_EVENT_SIZE
2018-09-17 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'jack-midi-buffer-fix' of https://github...
2018-09-17 cyclopsianFix examples failing to send more than one JACK midi...
2017-10-01 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: also remove aubio_init here
2017-10-01 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'intel_ipp_pull' of
2017-07-29 Eduard MüllerIntel IPP support for aubio
2017-03-10 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into awhitening
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: allocate note event once
2016-12-11 Paul Brossierexamples/aubioonset.c: add minioi option, in millisecond
2016-07-22 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: change send_noteon to accept floating...
2016-07-22 Paul Brossierexamples/: also emit midi note from aubioonset, thanks...
2016-06-22 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into notes
2016-04-24 Paul Brossiersrc/, examples/: #ifdef HAVE_, not #if HAVE_
2015-08-12 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'develop' into notes
2015-08-12 Paul Brossierexamples/parse_args.h: only parse time format string...
2015-08-12 Paul Brossierexamples/: add time format option
2014-08-24 Paul Brossierexamples/: use outmsg to print notes (fixes #8)
2014-08-22 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'notes' of
2014-08-22 Paul Brossierexamples/: use outmsg to print notes (fixes #8)
2014-02-23 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/tempo.c: novelty function default to specflux
2014-01-11 famulusmarks first commit
2014-01-02 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'develop' of
2013-12-30 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: remove old comment
2013-12-30 Paul Brossierexamples/: build with -Wdeclaration-after-statement
2013-12-30 Paul Brossierexamples/: build with -Wmissing-declarations
2013-12-18 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-15 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: print error messages on stderr
2013-12-08 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: also print duration in seconds
2013-12-08 Paul Brossierexamples/: check if sink_uri exists, add -f to force...
2013-12-08 Paul Brossierexamples/aubio{trac,onset}.c: add silence option
2013-12-07 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: do not add . at end of path
2013-12-07 Paul Brossierexamples/: remove -o and -j when unused
2013-12-07 Paul Brossierexamples/: large refactoring, improve option management...
2013-12-06 Paul Brossierexamples/: move parse_args to parse_args.h, clean up...
2013-11-04 Paul Brossierexamples/: use wavetable to play pitch and to replace...
2013-02-11 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: make -i optional
2013-02-11 Paul Brossiermerge from develop
2013-02-11 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: exit if an output file could not...
2013-02-11 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: improve error message if no input...
2013-02-10 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'develop' of
2013-02-10 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: get samplerate from file
2013-02-10 Paul Brossierexamples/: use aubio_source and aubio_sink
2012-07-09 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: avoid segfault when compiling without...
2012-01-07 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-07 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: dummy functions if no sndfile
2010-01-09 Paul Brossiermerge with mono
2010-01-09 Paul Brossierpull from master
2010-01-09 Paul Brossiermerge from master, print beats once in
2009-12-11 Paul Brossierutils.c: woodblock vector is overlap_size long
2009-12-05 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-12-04 Paul Brossierexamples: switch to mono
2009-10-21 Paul Brossierexamples/: set threshold as needed
2009-10-16 Paul Brossierexamples/: make use of aubio_onset in aubioonset and...
2009-10-15 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch: use a string to set pitch method, add a...
2009-10-15 Paul Brossiersrc/onset: use a string to set onset mode, keeping...
2009-10-08 Paul Brossierexamples plugins: update to latest pitch prototypes
2009-10-08 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: remove unused variable
2009-10-07 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/peakpick.c: rename aubio_pickpeak_t to aubio_...
2009-10-06 Paul Brossierexamples/aubioonset.c: use interpolated onset position
2009-10-01 Paul Brossiersrc/mathutils.{c,h}: rename all vec_ to fvec_
2009-10-01 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: use fvec_zeros()
2009-09-25 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.{c,h}: remove old midi_player stuff...
2009-09-25 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.{c,h}: update copyright and license...
2009-09-25 Paul Brossierext/jackio.{c,h}: add support for jack midi
2009-09-23 Paul Brossierreplace FOO_SUPPORT with HAVE_FOO, use float for jack_p...
2009-09-22 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: add --bufsize option and short messag...
2007-12-03 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-11-30 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-11-30 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.{c,h}: move flush_process prototype...
2007-11-30 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: use uint_t
2007-11-29 Paul Brossiermerge with main branch
2007-11-24 Paul BrossierMerge ... aubio-mfcc branch, adding filterbank and...
2007-11-21 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-11-21 Paul Brossierutils.c, add specflux onset function
2007-11-13 Paul Brossierutils.c: avoid signed/unsigned comparison
2007-11-13 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.{c,h}, examples/aubioonset.c: added...
2007-10-25 Paul Brossiermerge from main branch
2007-09-17 Paul Brossiermerge python unit tests from main branch
2007-09-16 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c,aubiomfcc.c: do not set mfcc parameter...
2007-09-16 Paul Brossiermerge from amaury's branch
2007-09-12 Amaury Hazanadded mfcc binding
2007-09-12 Amaury Hazanmerged from laptop, change debug to AUBIO_DBG in filter...
2007-09-11 Amaury Hazanaubiomfcc.c: added a dump filterbank funcion
2007-09-10 Amaury Hazanmerged from aubio_mfcc, added slaney filterbank (70...
2007-09-10 Amaury Hazanmerged from piem, corrected mffcs coefs/filter number
2007-09-08 Paul Brossierutils.c, utils.h: remove mfcc, move to aubiomfcc.c
2007-09-08 Paul Brossiermerge from Amaury's changes