[py] use PyFloat_FromDouble in meltohz methods
[aubio.git] / python / ext / py-musicutils.c
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[py] use PyFloat_FromDouble in meltohz methods
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[py] add meltohz and hztomel with minimal doc
2018-09-17 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'jack-midi-buffer-fix' of https://github...
2018-09-15 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into feature/fastmfcc
2018-09-15 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'feature/dct_multiopt'
2018-09-15 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-musicutils.*: add shift(fvec) and ishift...
2017-03-10 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into awhitening
2016-06-22 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into notes
2016-05-13 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-musicutils.c: do not overwrite PyArg_Pars...
2016-04-24 Paul Brossierpython/{ext,lib}: prepare for double precision
2016-04-24 Paul Brossierpython/ext: simplify memory allocations, removed unneed...
2016-04-21 Paul Brossierext/: use new proxy functions
2015-08-12 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'develop' into notes
2015-07-10 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add level_detection (closes #21)
2015-07-10 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add silence_detection
2015-07-10 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add db_spl
2015-07-09 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add level_lin
2015-07-09 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: complete window implementation
2015-07-09 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-musicutils.{c,h}: first .c and test