python/tests/ check for wrong values
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2016-05-14 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ check for wrong values
2016-05-03 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-filterbank.c: check input size
2016-05-02 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ fix indentation
2016-05-02 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ clean up, use nose2
2016-04-24 Paul Brossierpython/tests: use aubio.float_type
2016-04-18 Paul Brossiertests/: continue python3 preparation
2013-03-05 Paul Brossiertests/: array_from_file to look for file in tests/
2013-03-03 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ added test against...
2013-03-03 Paul Brossiertests/python/src/spectral/ replaced by...
2013-02-11 Paul Brossiermerge from develop
2013-02-10 Paul Brossiermoved tests to subdirectory