src/onset/onset.h: add examples to documentation
[aubio.git] / src / onset / onset.h
2013-12-07 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.h: add examples to documentation
2013-12-07 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.h: improve documentation
2013-10-15 Paul Brossiermerge with develop
2013-04-09 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/: rename get_last_onset to get_last
2013-03-15 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/: remove wasonset, add getters and setters...
2013-03-15 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.c: add get_last_onset
2013-03-03 Paul BrossierMerge into develop
2013-03-03 Paul Brossiersrc/*/*.h: add link to examples, remove trailing spaces...
2013-02-12 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.{c,h}: added get_descriptor and get_thr...
2013-02-11 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.h: remove trailing space
2010-01-09 Paul Brossierpull from master
2010-01-09 Paul Brossiermerge from master, print beats once in
2009-12-05 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-12-04 Paul Brossiersrc/onset: mono
2009-11-06 Paul Brossiersrc/: cleanup variable names in prototypes
2009-11-04 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.{c,h}: minimum inter-onset-interval...
2009-11-03 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/specdesc.{c,h}: rename aubio_onsetdetectio...
2009-10-26 Paul Brossiersrc: update all headers to GPLv3
2009-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.h: update documentation
2009-10-16 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/: use samplerate
2009-10-16 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.c: setters to return unsigned ints
2009-10-15 Paul Brossiersrc/onset: use a string to set onset mode, keeping...
2009-10-07 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.c: rename aubio_onset to aubio_onset_do
2007-11-29 Paul Brossiermerge with main branch
2007-11-24 Paul Brossiersrc/: move tempo files to src/tempo, continue moving...