src/spectral/mfcc.c: clean-up trailing ;
[aubio.git] / src / spectral / mfcc.c
2016-05-12 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: clean-up trailing ;
2016-04-21 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/: add const qualifiers
2016-04-18 Paul BrossierMerge pull request #40 from nphilipp/develop--py3k...
2016-02-16 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: use fmat_vecmul
2016-02-16 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: swap dct_coeffs matrix to prepare...
2014-01-02 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'develop' of
2013-12-30 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: improve build with -Wdeclaration...
2013-12-18 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-17 Paul Brossiersrc/fmat.c: new_fmat() takes height as first argument
2010-03-13 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: also delete dct_coeffs, thanks...
2010-01-09 Paul Brossierpull from master
2010-01-09 Paul Brossiermerge from master, print beats once in
2009-12-05 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-12-04 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral: switch to mono
2009-10-16 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: move samplerate at the end of...
2009-10-11 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: also loop over channels
2009-10-07 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: add missing include
2009-10-01 Paul Brossiersrc/mathutils.{c,h}: rename all vec_ to fvec_
2009-09-28 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/: remove include from filterbank_mel.h...
2009-09-28 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/filterbank.c: move log10 to mfcc.c
2009-09-25 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/ update license headers
2009-09-25 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.{c,h}: add documentation
2009-09-17 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: zero output before computing it
2009-09-17 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/mfcc.c: indent, update to GPLv3
2009-09-17 Paul Brossiermfcc.c: use a coefficient table for DCT computation...
2009-09-17 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/filterbank_mel.c: move Slaney's specific...
2009-09-16 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/filterbank.c: refactorise filter bank...
2007-11-29 Paul Brossiermerge with main branch
2007-11-24 Paul Brossierremove src/sample.h
2007-11-24 Paul Brossiersrc/: more moving and splitting