2006-06-28 Paul Brossierupdate changelog, version 0.3.1
2006-06-12 Paul Brossieruse os.path in task.cut to derive default output filenames
2006-06-03 Paul Brossiermake more readable
2006-06-03 Paul Brossieruse top_{build,src}dir instead of ../
2006-06-03 Paul Brossieravoid overwriting CFLAGS in python/aubio/
2006-06-03 Paul Brossiersimplify puredata
2006-06-03 Paul Brossieruse -Wextra but unused parameters, fix macos CFLAGS
2006-06-03 Paul Brossierfix signed/unsigned mismatches in pitchscmitt
2006-06-03 Paul Brossierfix signed/unsigned mismatches in pitchfcomb
2006-06-03 Paul Brossierfix signed/unsigned mismatches in beattracking
2006-06-03 Paul Brossierfix signed/unsigned mismatches in examples
2006-06-02 Paul Brossierugly hack to plot beat track anyway
2006-06-02 Paul Brossiertask beat() output seconds
2006-05-27 Paul Brossierdo not call pthread_ in aubio_midi_direct_output (thank...
2006-05-27 Paul Brossierfixes memset in aubio_priv.h, remove useless sfinfo...
2006-05-27 Paul Brossiermove pd help to pattern-help.pd
2006-05-27 Paul Brossiertag of
2006-05-27 Paul Brossierlast 0.3.0 changes
2006-05-27 Paul Brossiertag of
2006-05-18 Paul Brossieruseless ladcca gets quiet
2006-05-18 Paul Brossieruse -fPIC to build puredata plugin
2006-05-18 Paul Brossiercorrect default block size in aubiopitch
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierupdate README
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierupdate doxygen configs, include README from aubio.h
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierupdate default aubiocut threshold
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierupdate python manpages
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierremove /usr/bin/python header
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierupdate dcthreshold
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierno bench for now
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierfix python Makefiles
2006-05-18 Paul Brossierdo not install aubioquiet
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate aubio.h docs
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate tss.h docs
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate scale.[ch] docs
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate types doc
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate phasevoc.h docs
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate resample.h docs
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate onsetdetection.h docs
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate fft docs
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate pitchdetection docs, make wrapper methods private
2006-05-17 Paul Brossieradd doc to biquad and filter
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate beat tracking comments
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate pitch method comments
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierupdate pitch method comments
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierbeat should be fixed, add comments about
2006-05-17 Paul Brossieradd spectrogram and x/y sizes to aubiocut
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierfix default yin thresholds
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierfixes dcthreshold
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierstrange workaround to fix segfaults on some wav files
2006-05-07 Paul Brossierprint per note results
2006-05-07 Paul Brossieradd x/ysize to plot_aubio/spec, move spec to db scale...
2006-05-05 Paul Brossierupdate indentation
2006-05-05 Paul Brossierupdate imports in bench-window
2006-05-05 Paul Brossierupdate imports in bench-delay
2006-05-04 Paul Brossierupdate aubiopitch options
2006-05-04 Paul Brossierupdate onset plot
2006-05-04 Paul Brossierupdate pitch plot
2006-05-04 Paul Brossieradd aubio_autocorr to swig
2006-05-04 Paul Brossieruse yinfft by default
2006-04-20 Paul Brossierupdate bench-pitch-isolated
2006-04-20 Paul Brossierupdate pitch bench makefile
2006-04-20 Paul Brossiermcomb: bypass hack for high freqs, use instfreq rather...
2006-04-20 Paul Brossieradd quadratic interpolation to yin
2006-04-20 Paul Brossierfirst draft for beat evaluation
2006-04-20 Paul Brossierupdate params and pitch
2006-03-21 Paul Brossieradd yinfft method, make it default for pd plugin
2006-03-21 Paul Brossierupdate pitch bench makefile
2006-03-21 Paul Brossierupdate default parameters
2006-03-21 Paul Brossierupdate bench-pitch
2006-03-21 Paul Brossierbump current library version
2006-03-21 Paul Brossierfix fine tuningi for yin
2006-03-21 Paul Brossierfix mcomb: comput instfreq, use pow(mag,0.25) for comb...
2006-03-21 Paul Brossieradd interpolation to yin
2006-03-21 Paul Brossieradd windowing, correct phase interpolation
2006-03-16 Paul Brossierchange delay from 3 to 5
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieradd bufsize, hopsize and time to bench.onset
2006-03-16 Paul Brossierupdate task.time
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieraubioclass: yinthres support
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieradd support for samplerate, yinthres
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieradd pitch buf, hop and yinthresh, no smoothing
2006-03-16 Paul Brossierupdate task.pitch.{eval,plot}
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieroptional plotting
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieradd free function
2006-03-16 Paul Brossiersamplerate support, add filter for mcomb, yinthresh
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieruse real fft for fcomb, severe tuning, complete del_...
2006-03-16 Paul Brossierand retune (bug in quadint ?)
2006-03-16 Paul Brossieractivate adapt thresh, reduce numb partials for high...
2006-03-05 Paul Brossierupdated to new bench-pitch, fixed gettruth
2006-03-03 Paul Brossiermove benchonset to aubio.bench
2006-03-03 Paul Brossiersplitting up tasks in many files
2006-03-03 Paul Brossierupdate aubioclass cvec
2006-03-03 Paul Brossieradd mfft to swig
2006-03-03 Paul Brossierupdate to last bench-onset, bench-pitch
2006-03-03 Paul Brossierswitch to mcomb in aubiopitch~
2006-03-02 Paul Brossierweb: use multiple pitch methods
2006-03-02 Paul Brossiertaskpitch: limit frequency range and delay, update...
2006-03-02 Paul Brossierremove useless multiple plot and title to plot_spec
2006-03-01 Paul Brossierremove old plot_pitch, plot_onset and getonsets, cutfil...
2006-03-01 Paul Brossiersimplify aubiopitch
2006-03-01 Paul Brossierupdate taskpitch, use oplots instead of gnuplot