2017-03-13 Martin Hermantaubio version :
2017-03-10 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/peakpicker.c: temporarly fix peak-picking...
2017-03-09 Martin Hermantadd windows to readme supported platforms
2017-03-09 Martin Hermantcomment changes to build_apple_frameworks
2017-03-09 Martin Hermantadd permanent dir execution for scripts/build_apple_fra...
2017-03-09 Martin Hermantremove doc/_build from git
2017-03-08 Paul Brossierpython/scripts/aubiocut: add --cut_every_nslices option
2017-03-05 Paul Brossiersrc/io/{sink,source}.c: clarify failover messages
2017-03-05 Paul Brossiersrc/io/sink.c: make sure an error is raised when no...
2017-02-28 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/tempo.h: improve documentation (#22)
2017-02-28 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ trivial test for sink 'with...
2017-02-28 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-sink.c: add 'with' interface (PEP 343)
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: use PyArray_NewShape, not _Resize
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/aubio-types.h: define PATH_MAX if needed
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierdoc/xcode_frameworks.rst: add simple swift example
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-{source,sink}.c: free string uri
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: copy string uri
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierdoc/download.rst: use https
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ test with interface (PEP...
2017-02-27 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_apple_audio.c: allow closing twice
2017-02-27 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: allow closing twice
2017-02-27 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: allow closing twice
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: statement after definitions
2017-02-27 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: raise error in _do/_do_multi...
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: __exit__ to close once
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: raise on closing file failed
2017-02-27 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: add iterator interface
2017-02-26 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: add with interface (PEP 343)
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: avoid seeking in closed file
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: set error message in seek...
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: avoid reading in closed file
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_avcodec.c: make sure seek position is...
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_avcodec.c: avoid seeking in closed file
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: make sure seek position is...
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: call sf_seek after checking...
2017-02-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: avoid seeking in closed file
2017-02-25 Paul add numpy to setup_requires, nose2 to extras_...
2017-02-23 Paul Brossierpython/scripts/aubiocut: remove old comment line
2017-02-13 Paul update to https
2017-02-08 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitch.c: return NULL if pitch_mode is NULL
2017-02-02 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ add yin/yinfft benchmar...
2017-01-21 Paul Brossierpython/lib/ add comments, improve...
2017-01-21 Paul Brossierpython/lib/ use system aubio only...
2017-01-21 Paul Brossierpython/lib/ add get_aubio_version...
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierexamples/utils.c: allocate note event once
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierexamples/parse_args.h: really use atoi, cast to smpl_t...
2017-01-12 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'miditap', thanks to Tres Seaver for his...
2017-01-12 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitch.c: return NULL if creation failed
2017-01-12 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitchyinfft.c: return NULL if fft creation...
2017-01-12 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitchspecacf.c: return NULL if fft creation...
2017-01-12 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitchfcomb.c: return NULL if fft creation...
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierdoc/aubio{track,onset}.txt: update --miditap-note to -N
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierexamples/parse_args.h: use -N for --miditap-note
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierexamples/parse_args.h: use atof for miditap note and...
2017-01-12 Paul Brossierexamples/parse_args.h: miditap only for aubiotrack...
2017-01-12 Tres Seaveraubiotrack also sends MIDI tap.
2017-01-12 Tres Seaveraubioonset: user-set MIDI tap note / velocity values.
2017-01-09 Paul Brossierdoc/statuslinks.rst: bump last release to 0.4.4
2017-01-09 Paul Brossierdoc/index.rst: include status links for development...
2017-01-09 Paul Brossiersrc/temporal/biquad.c: fix initialization (closes #82)
2017-01-09 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.5~alpha
2017-01-08 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.4 0.4.4
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ use relative import
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierdoc/index.rst: remove status links for release
2017-01-08 Paul BrossierChangeLog: update for 0.4.4
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierscripts/build_android: add an example script to build...
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierdoc/ remove static and sphinx links
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierdoc/ use pyramid theme
2017-01-08 Paul Brossiertests/src/utils/test-log.c: improve messages
2017-01-08 Paul Brossiertests/src/utils/test-log.c: add AUBIO_INF
2017-01-08 Paul Brossiersrc/aubio.h: use https, format examples as list
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierwscript: add a target to doxygen rule
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierdoc/python_module.rst: add print(aubio.version)
2017-01-08 Paul remove extra quotes
2017-01-08 Paul Brossierpython/ext/aubiomodule.c: more hack to avoid msvc issues
2017-01-04 Paul Brossiersrc/utils/log.c: also print warnings to stderr
2017-01-04 Paul Brossiersrc/aubio_priv.h: use AUBIO_LOG_INF, fix old c style
2017-01-04 Paul Brossiersrc/utils/log.h: add info
2017-01-03 Paul Brossierwscript: add version to sphinx and manpages
2016-12-25 Paul Brossierwscript: prepend defaults to honor user cflags
2016-12-24 Paul Brossierwscript: avoid overwritting CFLAGS' -O in release mode
2016-12-24 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: add gitter webhook
2016-12-24 Paul Brossierwscript: improve --build-type description, use -O0...
2016-12-24 Paul Brossierwscript: remove trailing spaces
2016-12-24 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'yin-optimizations' of https://github...
2016-12-24 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'waf-build-tweaks' of
2016-12-22 Paul update copyright dates
2016-12-21 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ add some comments, avoid...
2016-12-21 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ added simple demo for...
2016-12-21 Paul Brossierdoc/aubionotes.txt: document -M option (see #18)
2016-12-21 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ test results are correct...
2016-12-21 Eduard Mülleradded debug/release build type configuations
2016-12-21 Eduard Müllerhelp compiler to optimize aubio_pitchyin_do
2016-12-18 Paul Brossiersrc/notes/notes.c: fix get_minioi_ms
2016-12-18 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ add basic tests
2016-12-18 Paul Brossierpython/ext/aubiomodule.c: fix version string on windows
2016-12-17 Paul Brossierdoc/develop.rst: fix typo
2016-12-17 Paul Brossiertests/src/spectral/test-phasevoc.c: fix typos
2016-12-17 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ add simple notes demos
2016-12-17 Paul Brossierpython/ext/aubiomodule.c: add aubio._aubio.__version__...