2019-01-31 Paul Brossier[aubio_priv.h] only define AUBIO_DBG in debug mode
2019-01-31 Paul Brossier[waf] add shortcut to compile in debug mode
2019-01-08 Paul Brossier[sink_wavwrite] call fflush in open
2019-01-08 Paul Brossier[sink] remove assert so tests pass in debug mode
2019-01-08 Paul Brossier[source] remove assert so tests pass in debug mode
2019-01-08 Paul Brossier[ci] use linux/py3.5 to test --build-type=debug
2019-01-08 Paul Brossier[aubio_priv.h] include blas first (see gh-225)
2018-12-31 Paul Brossier[source_avcodec] prevent leak when closing swresample...
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[py] fix compilation warning in py-source
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[tests] also capture expected source warnings in test_sink
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[tests] check resampling a source raises a warning...
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[tests] add parse_file_samplerate to fetch samplerate...
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[py] take a copy for the last source block when iterating
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[source_avcodec] show a warning only when an error...
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[source_avcodec] clean up unused statements and previou...
2018-12-23 Paul Brossier[py] define HAVE_ERRNO_H in add_local_macros
2018-12-22 Paul Brossier[source_sndfile] avoid declaration after statement
2018-12-22 Paul Brossier[source_wavread] comment unused macro
2018-12-22 Paul Brossier[source_wavread] use STRERR macro
2018-12-22 Paul Brossier[sink_wavwrite] use STRERR macro
2018-12-22 Paul Brossier[lib] add AUBIO_STRERR to log system error messages
2018-12-22 Paul Brossier[waf] check for errno.h
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[osx] build frameworks with -Os
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[ci] add py3.6, drop py3.4 on travis
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[source_sndfile] set error message when reading after...
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[py] raise an exception when reading source failed
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[source_avcodec] prevent reading after close
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] simplify, skip if no test sounds
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] try reading after close in test-source.c
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] check reading source after close raises Runtime...
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] test del_aubio_sink on null
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] test del_aubio_source on null
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[source_apple_audio] get_duration returns 0 on failure
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[py] check if filter was created before deleting it
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[sink] del_aubio_sink argument can be null
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[source] del_aubio_source argument can be null
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[examples] only delete sink if needed
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[py] check sink was created before calling del_aubio_sink
2018-12-21 Paul BrossierRevert "[py] avoid resizing py-source output"
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] test-mathutils-window input validation
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] add test-vecutils
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-fmat
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-lvec
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-cvec
2018-12-21 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-fvec
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[py] avoid resizing py-source output
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_avcodec] fix warning messages
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_sndfile] fix reading sizes when resampling
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[ci] improve coverage of sndfile/samplerate support
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[ci] add pypy on travis, use it to test sndfile/libsamp...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[ci] set one of the travis config to use sndfile only
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_apple_audio] use input validation and padding...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[io] fix source output padding sizes
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[io] source_pad_do_output to pad extra channels
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[tests] test-source checks for undersized/oversized...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[io] use memset in padding helpers
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_avcodec] use padding helpers
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_wavread] use padding helpers
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_sndfile] use padding helpers
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[io] add helpers to pad source output
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_sndfile] validate input sizes to prevent invali...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_avcodec] validate input sizes to prevent invali...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[source_wavread] validate input sizes to prevent invali...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[sink_wavwrite] check fseek and fwrite return values
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[sink_wavwrite] factorise in aubio_sink_wavwrite_write_...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[sink_wavwrite] check fwrite return value, use AUBIO_ST...
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[io] add helpers to check source output sizes
2018-12-20 Paul Brossier[lib] add AUBIO_STRERROR macro
2018-12-19 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'feature/pytest' (closes #163)
2018-12-19 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'master' into feature/pytest
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[doc] highlight link to python/demos
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[py] also ship python script in tarball
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[py] musicutils also use Pyfloat_FromDouble
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[py] alpha_norm and zero_crossing_rate use PyFloat_From...
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[py] py-cvec uses PyLong_FromLong
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[py] use PyFloat_FromDouble in meltohz methods
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[tests] remove test-delnull
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-filter coverage
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-tempo coverage
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-onset coverage
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-sink variable names
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[tests] avoid test-sink crash on missing input file
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[io] sink_apple_audio to use native format conversion
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[io] source_apple_audio to use native format conversion
2018-12-19 Paul Brossier[io] [osx] switch to floating point AudioBufferList
2018-12-17 Paul Brossier[tests] improve test-sink
2018-12-17 Paul Brossier[tests] use srand/rand on windows, declare mkstemp...
2018-12-17 Paul Brossier[source] simplify and avoid unrequired checks
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[io] remove useless check in source_sndfile
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[doc] remove reference to test-source_multi
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[tests] remove test-sink_*-multi, now redundant
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[io] prevent possible crash on empty string in source_a...
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[tests] sync test-sink with base-sink
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[tests] add more sink tests
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[io] always call del_ when new_ fails
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[io] clean up sink_wavwrite
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[io] prevent potential memory leak, never call abort
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[io] prevent crash on empty string and potential leak...
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[io] always call del_aubio_sink
2018-12-16 Paul Brossier[lib] add AUBIO_ASSERT for debug mode