2015-08-01 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: more steps
2015-08-01 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: add bzip2
2015-07-31 Paul BrossierMakefile: test travis build with simplified make
2015-07-31 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: update
2015-07-31 Paul Brossierwaf, waflib: removed, add Makefile to get waf, update...
2015-07-31 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/tempo.c: add silence detection (closes #23...
2015-07-31 Paul Brossiersrc/*.c: fix some useless float conversion
2015-07-29 Paul update waf location, compiles on iOS not...
2015-07-27 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ remove whitespace and unused...
2015-07-10 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add level_detection (closes #21)
2015-07-10 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add silence_detection
2015-07-10 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.h: add doc for level_lin and db_spl
2015-07-10 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add db_spl
2015-07-09 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: add level_lin
2015-07-09 Paul Brossierext/py-musicutils.c: complete window implementation
2015-07-09 Paul Brossiertests/ improve test
2015-07-09 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-musicutils.{c,h}: first .c and test
2015-07-04 Paul Brossierdoc/python_api.rst: remove for now
2015-07-04 Paul Brossierdoc/: added Makefile and from sphinx
2015-07-04 Paul Brossierdoc/*.rst: add simple documentation basis
2015-07-04 Paul fix typo
2015-07-04 Paul Brossierpython.old: removed old code
2015-05-26 Paul Brossiertests/src/spectral/test-fft.c: quieten and clarify
2015-05-26 Paul Brossiertests/src/io/test-source.c: call aubio_source_close...
2015-05-26 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ remove stdout, plot in...
2015-05-26 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ add comment
2015-04-20 Paul Brossierdoc/*.cfg: remove html timestamps to make build reprodu...
2015-03-15 Paul Brossier{examples,tests}/wscript_build: add external libs
2015-03-14 Paul Brossiersrc/wscript_build, examples/wscipt_build: add uselib...
2015-03-14 Paul Brossierwaf, waflib: update to 1.8.7
2015-03-13 Paul Brossiersrc/wscript_build: do not hardcode install_path
2015-02-11 Paul Brossiertests/src/io/test-source_apple_audio.c: improve examples
2015-01-31 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: cast size_t to int to avoid...
2015-01-31 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: avoid orphan parenthesis
2015-01-31 Paul Brossiersrc/io/sink_wavwrite.c: fail if samplerate is way too...
2015-01-31 Paul Brossiersrc/io/sink_wavwrite.c: assume windows is little endian...
2015-01-29 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/tempo.h: add aubio_tempo_get_silence and...
2015-01-29 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/tempo.c: check parameters for new_aubio_tempo
2015-01-29 Paul use setuptools, add numpy to install_requires
2015-01-29 Paul Brossiertests/ add more tests
2015-01-29 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ add multi channel...
2015-01-29 Paul Brossierext/aubiomodule.c: improve documentation
2015-01-29 Paul Brossierdoc/aubiocut.txt: improve documentation, adding -o...
2014-09-21 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: cast to uint_t for now
2014-09-21 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-source.c: add seek, thanks @davebrent...
2014-09-21 Paul Brossierext/py-source.c: add channels
2014-09-21 Paul Brossierpython/ext/py-{source,sink}.c: improve documentation
2014-09-20 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.h: add aubio_onset_get_silence()
2014-09-20 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/phasevoc.c: improve error messages
2014-09-20 Paul Brossiersrc/io/sink_sndfile.c: improve error messages, set...
2014-09-20 Paul Brossiersrc/io/sink_apple_audio.c: avoid opening null path
2014-09-20 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.c: check parameters
2014-09-20 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitch.c: check parameters
2014-09-05 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: improve seek errors and strings
2014-09-05 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: improve seek errors processing
2014-08-26 Paul Brossiersrc/synth/sampler.c: make sure blocksize > 0
2014-08-26 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: clarify some variables names
2014-08-24 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.c: avoid doubled onset at start
2014-08-24 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitch.c: add Hertz as valid unit string
2014-08-24 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: sync error message
2014-08-23 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: drop trusty for now
2014-08-23 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: add more configurations
2014-08-23 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: do not install libav for now
2014-08-23 Paul Brossier.travis.yml: added first draft
2014-08-23 Paul Brossierexamples/parse_args.h: improve short documentation...
2014-08-22 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_apple_audio.c: check out of bounds _seek
2014-08-22 Paul Brossierexamples/: use outmsg to print notes (fixes #8)
2014-07-21 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/phasevoc.c: fix argument checks
2014-07-21 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_apple_audio.c: set s->path, quiet
2014-07-21 Paul Brossierwscript: update to ios 7.1, disable arm64 for now
2014-07-07 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: fix crash, zero-pad output...
2014-07-03 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ use n_coeffs
2014-06-09 Paul Brossiertests/src/io/test-source_avcodec.c: use HAVE_LIBAV...
2014-03-31 Paul Brossierwscript: make fat build optional
2014-03-28 Paul Brossiertests/src/io/*.c: use custom defines instead of __APPLE__
2014-03-27 Paul Brossierwscript, src/io/*.c: use custom defines instead of...
2014-03-26 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/onset.h: fix description of get/set_delay...
2014-03-25 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitchyin.{c,h}: fix typo, developed
2014-03-19 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ add simple demo for...
2014-03-18 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_avcodec.c: update to libav10, libavcodec...
2014-03-12 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.2~alpha
2014-03-12 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.1 0.4.1
2014-03-12 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.1, increasing library age and...
2014-03-12 Paul BrossierChangeLog: write entries for 0.4.1
2014-03-12 Paul Brossiertests/src: clean up includes
2014-03-12 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: hack around unknown conversion...
2014-03-12 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_wavread.c: use the return value of fread...
2014-03-12 Paul Brossierwscript: improve notes in header
2014-03-12 Paul Brossierwaf, waflib: update to 1.7.15
2014-03-12 Paul Brossiersrc/io/sink.h: improve documentation, mentioning differ...
2014-03-12 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source.h: improve documentation
2014-03-11 Paul Brossierdoc/web.cfg: exclude source_wavread and sink_wavwrite
2014-03-11 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source.h: add note about source_wavread
2014-03-11 Paul Brossierpython/ext/aubio-types.h: lower to numpy 1.7
2014-03-11 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/phasevoc.c: avoid unsigned < 0 comparison
2014-03-11 Paul Brossierpython/ext/aubio-types.h: define NPY_NO_DEPRECATED_API
2014-03-10 Paul Brossierpython/demos/ remove...
2014-03-08 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/beattracking.c: improve confidence values...
2014-03-08 Paul Brossiersrc/mathutils.h: add fvec_quadratic_peak_mag to find...
2014-03-08 Paul Brossierpython/README: improve