2018-11-28 Paul BrossierRevert "[tests] fix unmatched parenthesis on windows"
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] fix unmatched parenthesis on windows
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] increase entropy by adding address to current...
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] use constant for array size, include string.h
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] workaround for windows
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] include unistd for unlink, close (linux, darwin)
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] create a temporary sink, use in wavetable test
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[pitch] comment out unused functions in mcomb and yin
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] check new_aubio_pitch fails with wrong parameters
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[pitch] prevent null pointer dereference in yinfast
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[notes] prevent null pointer dereference
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] add notes tests
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[utils] hist with size null fails
2018-11-28 Paul Brossier[tests] check hist with size null fails
2018-11-26 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'feature/dctsimplify' into feature/mfcc_tests
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] fix radix check for accelerate
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[tests] add calls to new_aubio_mfcc with wrong input...
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[mfcc] validate input parameters, safer delete
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[mfcc] remove plain dct ifdefs
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[tests] do not test dct with wrong sizes
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] fail fftw creation if size <= 0
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] fix typo in error message
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] fail plain creation if size <= 0
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] fail ooura creation if size <= 0
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] use del_aubio_dct on failure, add missing \n...
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] fix typo in warning message, add missing \n
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[dct] remove size check to test each method
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[tests] run phase vocoder with hop_s = win_s
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[tests] increase pvoc coverage
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[tests] increase tss coverage
2018-11-26 Paul Brossier[tests] increase awhitening coverage
2018-11-26 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/onset_nullptr' (thanks to @niugx)
2018-11-26 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/bufoverflow_tempo' (thanks to @niugx)
2018-11-26 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/crash_filterbank' (thanks to @niugx)
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[specdesc] improve error message
2018-11-24 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.9~alpha
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tests] run some tests in onset if no arguments passed
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[onset] safer deletion method
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tempo] fix delay_ms methods
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[py] add tempo tests
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tests] wrap long lines in test-tempo.c
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tests] run tempo until first analysis is done
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tempo] make sure all objects have been created, safer...
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tests] run some tests in tempo if no arguments passed
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tests] check if tempo creation suceeded
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tempo] fix buffer overflow in method parser
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[filterbank] validate input parameters
2018-11-24 Paul Brossier[tests] check creating filterbank with wrong parameters...
2018-11-22 Paul BrossierVERSION: bump to 0.4.8 0.4.8
2018-11-22 Paul Brossier[ChangeLog] add 0.4.8 entry
2018-11-22 Paul Brossier[py] set long description content type to markdown
2018-11-22 Paul Brossier[doc] plain todo in wavetable_load
2018-11-22 Paul Brossier[ci] move homebrew packages to travis addons, skip...
2018-11-22 Paul Brossier[make] add branch coverage, improve html report
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[py] include in
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[tests] use from .utils import, fixes build with pybuil...
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[waf] exclude more generated files from tarball
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[ci] remove coveralls from travis, using codecov
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] describe single-/double-precision modes
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[wavetable] add dummy load implementation, add todo...
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[wavetable] revert 9511547 to preserve api
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] reorder python/ sections, group links
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] rewrite python/ demo section
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] move api references to doc, simplify pip instruct...
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] move python tests from python/ to doc...
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[pip] use python/ for package long description
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] rewrite description, add built with and documenta...
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] remove installation instructions from python...
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[man] document aubiocut --create-first
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[doc] remove extra parameter in aubio_mfcc_set_mel_coef...
2018-11-21 Paul Brossier[waf] bump to 2.0.12
2018-11-21 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/pyextwarnings'
2018-11-21 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'fix/py3x_win-amd64' (closes #199, #208)
2018-11-20 Paul Brossier[py] fix filterbank in double-precision mode
2018-11-20 Paul Brossier[ci] avoid building twice on appveyor
2018-11-20 Paul Brossier[ci] remove custom path for win64 on appveyor
2018-11-20 Paul Brossier[py] fix missing pre-processor output on win-amd64
2018-11-20 Paul Brossier[py] fix % escaping in py-source.c
2018-11-20 Paul Brossier[py] filterbank power and norm are floats
2018-11-20 Paul Brossier[py] filterbank.set_triangle_bands can accept a float...
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[test] mfcc.set_mel_coeffs_slaney takes no parameter
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[tests] improve aubio_filter coverage
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[tests] improve onset coverage
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[test] improve coverage of filters
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[test] improve coverage of filters
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[tests] add tests for mfcc filterbank settings
2018-11-17 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'feature/mfccparams'
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[Makefile] disable docs when measuring coverage, add...
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[doc] include meltohz and hztomel
2018-11-17 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'feature/melfilterbank' into feature/mfccp...
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[filterbank] add const qualifiers
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[filterbank] move statement after declaration
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[mfcc] default to full range when not using 40 filters
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[mfcc] add slaney mode takes no params
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[py] generate code for setters with no parameters
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[api] add fvec_mul
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[py] generate code for setters with multiple parameters
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[mfcc] add scale documentation
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[mfcc] remove note about power, add scale
2018-11-17 Paul Brossier[filterbank] add unit in doc