2017-03-29 Paul BrossierMerge branch 'elliotparis' master
2017-03-29 Eliott ParisUpdated MacOSX script name in the readme
2017-03-14 Paul BrossierMerge branch from @matrushka updating the osx build...
2017-03-05 Baris GumustasUpdated Aubio version from 0.4.2 to 0.4.4.
2017-03-05 Baris GumustasUpdated the URL for the aubio binary to use https inste...
2017-03-05 Baris GumustasAdded follow redirect flag for curl call inside the...
2016-01-19 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioMelBands.cpp: make nBands a parameter
2016-01-19 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/: quieten
2016-01-19 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBlock.*: remove toSend cruft
2016-01-19 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioOnset.cpp: remove unused toSend
2016-01-19 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/: use beat listeners
2016-01-19 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBeat.h: use custom event for beat
2016-01-19 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/src/: use onset event
2016-01-19 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioOnset.h: add onset event
2016-01-19 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBeat.cpp: higher silence threshold to avoid...
2015-11-01 Paul BrossierREADME.md: fix links adding http[s]
2015-10-30 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/: update pitch only if not null
2015-10-30 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/: use built-in colors
2015-10-30 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/: add ofxAubioMelBands example
2015-10-30 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioMelBands.h: add object to get energies...
2015-10-30 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/: indent
2015-10-30 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/src/ofApp.cpp: close soundstream...
2015-10-30 Paul BrossierREADME.md: add link to aubio.org/ofxAubio
2015-10-30 Paul Brossierscripts/fetch_aubio_osx_framework.sh: use curl (fixes #1)
2015-10-25 Paul Brossier.gitignore: add example_aubioDemo/aubio.framework
2015-10-25 Paul BrossierREADME.md: improve osx instructions
2015-10-25 Paul BrossierREADME.md: add installation instructions on macosx
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioOnset.cpp: set self.threshold
2015-10-25 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/src/ofApp.{cpp,h}: add onset threshol...
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioOnset.cpp: add threshold, novelty, threshol...
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBeat.h: remove olf flag
2015-10-25 Paul Brossierscripts/fetch_aubio_osx_framework.sh: add script to...
2015-10-25 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/src/main.cpp: fix indentation
2015-10-25 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/addons.make: update list of addons
2015-10-25 Paul Brossierexample_aubioDemo/: add basic demo application
2015-10-25 Paul Brossier.gitignore: added basic patterns
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubio.h: import Beat and Onset
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBeat.*: add ofxAubioBeat
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioOnset.*: add ofxAubioOnset
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBlock.*: add toSend / received()
2015-10-25 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBlock.cpp: add setup / cleanup
2015-10-24 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioBlock.h: add block processing, use in ofxAu...
2015-10-24 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioPitch.cpp: add confidence
2015-10-24 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioPitch.cpp: implement destructor
2015-10-24 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioPitch.*: fix audioIn blocking loop
2015-10-24 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubio.h: add top include
2015-10-24 Paul Brossiersrc/ofxAubioPitch.{cpp,h}: add simple pitch class
2015-10-24 Paul BrossierCOPYING: add GPL3
2015-10-24 Paul BrossierREADME.md: add basic readme