2013-12-19 Paul Brossieraubiotempo~.c: update to 0.4.0
2013-12-19 Paul Brossieraubioquiet~.c: update to 0.4.0
2013-12-19 Paul Brossieraubiopitch~.c: update for 0.4.0
2013-12-19 Paul Brossieraubiotss~.c: udpate for 0.4.0
2013-12-19 Paul Brossieraubiozcr~.c.: update for 0.4.0
2013-12-19 Paul Brossieraubioonset~.c: update for 0.4.0
2013-12-19 Paul BrossierVERSION: added, bumping from 0.2 to 0.3~alpha
2013-12-19 Paul Brossier.gitignore: add *.pyc
2013-12-19 Paul Brossierwaflib/: remove pyc files included by mistake
2013-12-07 Paul Brossier.gitignore: added minimal ignore patterns
2013-12-07 Paul Brossierwaf, waflib: import unpacked waf 1.7.13
2013-12-07 Paul Brossierwscript: start updating wscript
2009-11-05 Paul Brossieraubio_setup.c: use PACKAGE_VERSION bzr2git
2009-11-05 Paul Brossierconfigure.ac: update version to match current one
2009-11-05 Paul Brossierwscript: check for pd header, define VERSION
2009-11-05 Paul BrossierREADME: add note about waf
2009-11-05 Paul Brossierwscript: add waf script
2009-11-05 Paul BrossierNEWS: added empty news file
2009-11-05 Paul Brossieradded basic README and ChangeLog
2009-11-05 Paul BrossierAUTHORS: add file
2009-11-05 Paul BrossierCOPYING: add GPLv3
2009-11-05 Paul Brossieradded basic autotools scripts
2009-11-05 Paul Brossierimport c files from aubio r920, using <aubio/aubio...