move defaults up, set to sdk 2.5
[vamp-aubio-plugins.git] / plugins / Notes.cpp
2015-01-28 Paul Brossierplugins/{Notes,Pitch}.cpp: improve descriptions
2015-01-26 Paul Brossierplugins/Notes.cpp: improve output description
2015-01-26 Paul Brossierplugins/Notes.cpp: add descriptions
2013-12-31 Paul Brossierplugins/: use fvec_set_sample
2012-07-18 Chris CannamMerge 0.4.0
2012-07-11 Chris CannamImplement reset functions (fixes #498)
2012-07-10 Chris CannamLess ambitious default min pitch
2012-07-10 Chris CannamGet the rest to build
2012-07-10 Chris CannamGet Onset and Notes to build against new aubio
2012-07-09 Chris Cannam(Start to) remove the channel counts from everywhere...
2012-07-09 Chris CannamUpdate plugin version numbers, remove API version back...
2012-07-09 Chris CannamStart overhaul for (current git, presumably later v0...
2008-12-02 Chris Cannam* minor build fixes
2008-09-18 Chris Cannam* Add hasDuration to output descriptors
2008-09-18 Chris Cannam* Add a note about using v2 api (temporarily, probably)
2008-07-17 Chris Cannam* First bit of Vamp v2 work -- add an optional duration...
2007-04-02 Chris Cannam* FLOOR -> floor
2007-02-26 Chris Cannam* Update along with latest Vamp API change
2006-12-12 Chris Cannam* Update to new Vamp process()
2006-05-24 Paul Brossierchange lower pitch limit to D#1
2006-05-22 Chris Cannam...
2006-05-22 Chris Cannam* Add tempo tracker plugin from piem
2006-05-17 Paul Brossierset negative timestamps to zero
2006-05-17 Chris Cannam* compensate for (4 + m_median) * m_stepSize latency...
2006-05-16 Paul Brossierinclude math.h, add onset timestamps, fix default block...
2006-05-11 Chris Cannam* First pass at a simple set of Vamp plugins using...