move defaults up, set to sdk 2.5
[vamp-aubio-plugins.git] / plugins / Tempo.h
2013-12-31 Paul Brossierplugins/: update aubio header location to <aubio/aubio.h>
2012-12-05 Chris CannamAdjust includes for subrepo aubio
2012-07-18 Chris CannamMerge 0.4.0
2012-07-10 Chris CannamGet the rest to build
2012-07-09 Chris Cannam(Start to) remove the channel counts from everywhere...
2012-07-09 Chris CannamStart overhaul for (current git, presumably later v0...
2007-02-26 Chris Cannam* Update along with latest Vamp API change
2006-12-12 Chris Cannam* Update to new Vamp process()
2006-05-22 Chris Cannam* Add tempo tracker plugin from piem