wscript: check for 64bit using sys.maxsize (closes #3)
[vamp-aubio-plugins.git] / plugins / Types.cpp
2016-07-22 Paul Brossierplugins/Onset.cpp: add default mode
2015-01-31 Paul Brossierlibmain.cpp, plugins/: update to GPLv3
2015-01-30 Paul Brossierplugins/SpecDesc.{cpp,h}: added first draft for SpecDesc
2012-07-18 Chris CannamMerge 0.4.0
2012-07-09 Chris CannamContinuing to update for aubio-git (0.4.0?) api
2012-07-09 Chris CannamStart overhaul for (current git, presumably later v0...